The Extended Play Movie Podcast #26: The King’s Speech

The Extended Play Movie Podcast continues with its Best Picture series about a guy with a stammer. We discuss The King’s Speech….

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #7: We Are All Starman

This week’s episode goes from flat earthers denying Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket actually happened to Poland rewriting their country’s history. Yeah, some crazy stuff on here….

Cable News: Our Failed Social Experiment

Cable news channels are about ratings not educating people. This social experiment has gotten away from us. It’s time to give up on it….

Movie Review: The Shape of Water

Steven takes a look at Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water. …

Poland Holocaust Law Is A Cautionary Tale

History is written by the victor. Or, by the governing party that doesn’t like what actually happened….

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #6: Nothing Leaves The Internet

Download The guys are back a day late. The guys talking about songs that have that chorus that everyone has to sing. Like “The 12 Days of Christmas”, “Sweet Caroline”, or “The Humpty Dance.” Think about it. When those songs come on, you have to jump in on the chorus with all your might. That…

The Extended Play Movie Podcast #25: Argo

Celebrate the second season of The Extended Play Movie Podcast with our discussion of ‘Argo’….

Hawaiian Missile Alert Fallout

The guy believed that the missile attack was actually happening. This isn’t the first time it happened though….