It’s Not Just Another Podcast #10: For the Love of Tinder

The horrors of online dating, Rhode Island wants to charge people a fee to access porn, and a middle school teacher outed as a white nationalist podcaster….

Fanboys Are Destroying Our Society

Fanboys need to stop. Seriously. You need to stop it. Like now….

The Extended Play Movie Podcast #30: Richard Donner

The guys begins their Director Series. They kick it off with Richard Donner. …

The Horrors of Online Dating

Online dating used to be kind of cool. Now, it’s like Facebook or Twitter. That isn’t good….

Film Review: The Post

Steven reviews The Post….

The Extended Play Movie Podcast #29: Spotlight

Steven and Patrick conclude their Best Picture series with Spotlight….

Comic TV Shows Could Learn From Comic Books

Tired of those villain-of-the-week comic TV shows. They can learn something from comics….

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #9: You Can’t Say That

Adam and Steven discuss how some words became bad. …