It’s Not Just Another Blog is a mixture of different blogs that Steven Vargas attempted to create over the last year. He is the co-creator of The Lazy Geeks Podcast and website. Originally, he had the blog, The Middle-Aged Geek and The Steven Vargas Blog. He attempted to have two separate blogs to convey his personal opinions in the world of geek, politics, creative writing, and other podcasts. After spreading himself too thin, he created this blog to encompass all his loves into one location.

The blogs will cover all sorts of areas. Commentary on politics, social media, and trending stories on the internet. Steven has a passion for films and screenwriting. The blog will review films and document his journey in the screenwriting process. As well as discussing the current trend in films.

 The Extended Play Movie Podcast

Started in July of 2017. Steven is joined by his longtime friend, Patrick (actor and videographer), and they discuss films. Through various series, they discuss their love for film and is meant for cinephiles. They create fun but discuss elements that make those films great, good, or mediocre.

It’s Not Just Another Podcast

Started in January 2018 with his longtime collaborator, Adam (from The Lazy Geeks). They use the podcast to discuss politics, social media, religion, and other ridiculous topics that come to mind. This series is designed to reflect the random topics on the blog. They are ready to be offensive as they take devil’s advocate on many topics.

Along with the blog are two podcasts that are currently available on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Stitcher. The blog, and podcast, are designed to encompass the various aspects of a person. While being a geek, there are many other aspects of life that create an entire person. We hope you will join us on the blog journey and give the podcasts a listen.

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