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Cable News: Our Failed Social Experiment

Cable news channels are about ratings not educating people. This social experiment has gotten away from us. It’s time to give up on it….

Poland Holocaust Law Is A Cautionary Tale

History is written by the victor. Or, by the governing party that doesn’t like what actually happened….

Hawaiian Missile Alert Fallout

The guy believed that the missile attack was actually happening. This isn’t the first time it happened though….

When Your Screenplay Takes Over

Steven follows-up on that script that he spoke about last week….

That Movie Idea That Won’t Go Away

When you have that script idea that won’t go away. You end up having to work on it. …

The Extended Play Movie Podcast: Season Two Is Coming

As hard to believe, we are halfway through the month of January of this new year. With the traditional adjustments that go on in January, it is going sort of smoothly in the realm of this blog and the subsequent podcasts. While it won’t be until February when both shows will run in constant rotation,…

Those New Year Blues

When a new year dawns, it is important to reflect on your previous year. However, it is not necessary to crucify yourself for it….

Mission Statement: It’s Not Just Another Blog

Welcome to my Blog. If you have been following my other blogs, The Middle-Aged Geek and the Steven Vargas Blog, you probably noticed two-sides of the same coin. I found out very early on that I was having difficulty writing about things. First, I would have to decide what to write about. Then, I would…