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It’s Not Just Another Podcast #7: We Are All Starman

This week’s episode goes from flat earthers denying Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket actually happened to Poland rewriting their country’s history. Yeah, some crazy stuff on here….

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #6: Nothing Leaves The Internet

Download The guys are back a day late. The guys talking about songs that have that chorus that everyone has to sing. Like “The 12 Days of Christmas”, “Sweet Caroline”, or “The Humpty Dance.” Think about it. When those songs come on, you have to jump in on the chorus with all your might. That…

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #5: Oh, You Crazy

In this edition of It’s Not Just Another Podcast, we have conspiracy theories from the government, doomsday predictions and a time traveler tells her crazy story….

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #4: Because You Can…

The guys notice how hard it is to debate people without being called a name. Also, how all that relates to the rise in the beliefs of conspiracy theories….

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #3: Of Course This Happened

This week got crazy with sh*thole countries, missile attacks and someone who series doesn’t like the press….

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #2: That Escalated Quickly

Trickle down economics doesn’t work and some crazy conspiracy theories for you in our first-ever second episode….

It’s Not Just Another Podcast #1: Hello, Goodbye

Join the debut episode of our new weekly podcast, It’s Not Just Another Podcast. We will definitely offend….