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One of the worst things that people must contend with, while online browsing, is the amount of pop-up ads. Even worse, the number of ads on a page that makes you wonder what is the site versus what is an ad. There are many ad-blockers that make the online experience a bit better, but if you are obnoxious with your ads don’t ask me to whitelist you. With every ad-blocker that becomes popular, there are always sites that manage to circumvent those protections.

Now, I get that some sites rely on revenue from their ads. However, there is no need to be obnoxious about it. If you don’t know what I am talking about, and you use an ad-blocker, turn it off and visit your favorite sites. Now, there are sites that advertise to a normal scale. However, when you have auto play video ads – that bugs me. Especially, when you have pop-ups that show up right when I am in the middle of your blog.

The latest annoyance comes from Facebook videos that have ads in the middle of them. I am very skeptical of sites that do this sort of practice. When I say “skeptical”, I am referring to the fact that people actually watch the thirty second ad, just to finish the rest of that two-minute video. I have a shocking revelation for those of you that practice this sort of thing: I move on. Once I see the “ad is coming” notification, I scroll down and never see the ad or the rest of your video.

While seeing ads on a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari on a laptop or desktop is easy to block. Mobile browsing is still hard to deal with. Think that isn’t the case, ever click on a story in Facebook and see all the ads on the site? The countless times the page reformats. You start reading and it adjusts because of the million or so ads that pop up. Ad-blockers on mobile browsers are nearly unheard of. It has gotten so bad that I hate reading articles on my mobile device.

Mozilla offers the only mobile browser with an ad-blocker extension. Firefox and Firefox Quantum offer ad-blocker extension, which makes viewing articles easy. Ublock Orgins is the best ad-blocker extension you can use. Not only is it available on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera desktop version. It is available on the Firefox mobile browser. You will see many blank spots on webpages where the ads are placed but your load time on these pages is next to nothing.

The reason for these ad-blocker is due to sites overloading their webpages with ads. Not only does it decrease the likelihood of you ever returning to that site, but it slows your load time. Ever click on a page that keeps reloading because it is simply loading ads? Banner ads, video ads, or even audio ads. It is ridiculous. Some sites detect your ad-blocker and ask you to whitelist their site because ads are how they make money. However, there is no guarantee that you will click on an ad on their site.

While I understand that some sites need ads for revenue, there is no need to diminish the user experience to make that bread. I don’t mind ads, but only if they are done responsibly. No auto play ads. That is a guaranteed way that people will not go back to your site. However, if you are asking me to whitelist your site or you won’t let me view it, then don’t be surprise when I never come back to your site. Is the ad exposure worth losing a visitor? We all know the answer to that question.