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Earlier this week, I mentioned about saving money while listening to the voice in my head about fixing my PlayStation 4. Well, I did it again. I listened to my head and took my laptop and downgraded it from Windows 10 to Windows 7. Why? Simply due to the use of one program. Why would you go through the hassle of doing a clean install on your laptop over one program? It was either that or spend an extra $100 for an upgrade. This was about principle.

When Microsoft made the change to Windows 10, it was screwing up many programs. When it was first dropped, Microsoft offered it as a free upgrade. Not many things were compatible with it from the onset, which makes sense why they released the operating system for free. I was one of those guys that jumped on Windows 10.

Jump ahead to over two years later, I like what Windows 10 has to offer and many programs have come along and updated their software. All except the screenwriting program I use. Final Draft is the program I have been using since Final Draft 7 was released. I have upgraded to Final Draft 8 and they are now on 10.

The program is not cheap. For their complete suite, it will run you $249.99. If you have any older version, you can upgrade for $99.99. They recently released apps that you can make your screenplay portable but you still need to shell out $20 for the apps. However, if you are a student or a teacher, you can grab the software for $129.99.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the software. It takes the hassle out of formatting your script and all the little nuisances of adding (Cont’d) or (MORE) and let’s not even discuss the scene headings. I used to do that manually on a typewriter back in the day, so I know the true hassle of it. This will allow you to fixate on the story and the movie.

With Windows 10, they claimed that their software would run glitchy. If you were lucky enough to get Final Draft 9, then you would be okay. However, if you had Final Draft 8, you will have issues.

Primarily, Windows 10 states that the app did not install correctly. It would work for the most part but there were some compatibility issues and it would crash on me. Instead of updating the install of the program, they decide that you would need to upgrade to be able to use it on Windows 10. So other programs release a new installer that will be compatible but since it is a Hollywood staple, you need to pay for it.

So, out of sheer principle, I decided that I would not do that. So, I downgraded my laptop to Windows 7 and it works perfectly. Yes, I went through the hassle of a clean install but I had all my stuff backed up to OneDrive.

I don’t advise everyone to do this.

Microsoft has gotten rid of the free upgrade to Windows 10. Not to mention, my laptop is old and was installed with Windows Vista. I purchased Windows 7 for it and still had the disk and product key. I never endorse bootlegged OS and Microsoft has really clamped down on those. So, if you choose to do that and want to upgrade to Windows 10 afterwards, you will pay for it.

I feel that, even though I have not used it in a while, I should not be punished by upgrading simply because I want to stay up-to-date with security and technology. Final Draft is not Apple. If I choose to upgrade, then I will. At a time of my own choosing. Not theirs. So, for now, I will use my old copy on my downgraded laptop. It is not about money because I can afford it, but I shouldn’t be forced to because they decided so.