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One of the things we discussed when we first launched this podcast was the ability to discuss current movies during our discussion of past films. This is the first crack we are taking at discussing a new movie that is currently out in theaters. Those shows will be titled: EPMP In Theaters. Obviously, EPMP is an acronym for our full title (Extended Play Movie Podcast). They will not be numbered as they are outside of our normal episode run. We will sprinkle these in and give you some insight into our thoughts about some of the current movies at the local multiplex.

This week, we are discussing Atomic Blonde. Based on the trailers, the movie provided a lot of surprises to its benefit than you would have guessed. Marketed as a John Wick-style with a female lead, the movie is more of a spy movie that we have not had in a long while. Many of the spy movies out nowadays are usually a bit more ludicrous with movie like The Kingsman and any entry in the James Bond movies. Here are some interesting aspects you may not have known about:

  1. Set in the Cold War.

The movie is set in the final days of the Berlin Wall and the cloak and dagger never stopped going on. Even with the fall of the Berlin Wall imminent, political espionage never takes time off. The movie does make sure it shows you the visual difference between West and East Berlin.

  1. Purely 80’s Soundtrack.

The film boasts a very European soundtrack of eighties classics. It even offers updated version of songs that are modified to fit into the tone and style of the film. If you love those types of movies with a completely kick-ass soundtrack, this is definitely one of them.

  1. It’s A Spy Movie.

The way the film was sold in trailers, you got the idea that it was a female-revenge movie. It is not. It is a Cold War spy movie that works well. It takes its time to set up the plot, characters and the action slowly builds. After finding out that this was a spy movie, I relaxed more with the film and enjoyed it immensely so.

The film, due to marketing, suffers from the studio not sure how to market the movie. Fortunately for me, maybe not so for those who stayed away, I was pleasantly surprised by the setting and story. The violence was not as gory as you would have expected. There was a lot of story between the action sequence. The first major action sequence doesn’t happen until 20 minutes into the film. The fight scenes are brutal but it does not run the entire length of the film.

Atomic Blonde could benefit viewers that may discover it when it comes out digitally or on DVD. I do recommend that you check it out. If you like spy movies that deal in the Cold War or ladies just being bad ass, this is a movie that you will enjoy. Definitely not for kids, but there are few movies we discuss on this show that are good for kids.