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“It’s not the police, it’s him.” Christmas is coming this Monday and we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t discuss Die Hard for the holidays. For some reason, there is a debate still raging over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. There is no need for the debate. It is. If anyone says it is not, ask them what they watch for the holidays and if it includes a movie that takes place around Christmas, their argument is void.

Not only does the film take place on Christmas Eve, it is about a man wanting to make it through for his family. John McClane’s children and wife want to see him for Christmas. Not only is the holiday used in the script, but the production design made sure to include it. Even down to the bombastic score of Michael Kamen, who uses the “sinister sleigh bells”.

The reason this movie takes place as the best of the franchise is simple: all the characters mattered. On the behind-the-scenes tip, Bruce Willis was still filming Moonlighting while filming this movie. Since his presence on the set was limited, secondary characters roles were beefed up to fill the time. It is possible that Alan Rickman’s Hans character would not have been fully fleshed out if he was around more. Simple test: look at Bruce Willis’ presence in the original and Die Hard 2. I’ll wait.

As the holiday is coming up, I recommend that you check out this film in a theater. It is a fun time. Patrick and I will be heading out to the Beverly Theater in Hollywood on Christmas Eve to continue a tradition. Once Hans falls off the building, then it will be Christmas. I suggest you see it too.

As you may have noticed, this podcast is coming up on my new rebranded site: It’s Not Just Another Blog. I wanted to pull back on the geek angle and focus on more of my thoughts as a person. That means the geek stuff will be there but so will other facets of myself. Starting in January, another podcast will be joining The Extended Play Movie Podcast.

It will be nice to start a new one, while we are on a break from this show. We hope you will continue to support us through this change. Hope you enjoy the new content. Be sure to be back next week, when we drop our final episode of 2017 and for the season. We look back on the year by comparing it to The Running Man. Happy Holidays everyone!

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