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As we close out 2017, it was important to look back at the year that was. Looking back at 2017 through the guise of a dystopian future where convicted criminals were sent into gladiator combat and viewed for the world to see. The Running Man was set in the future when it debuted some 30 years ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Ben Richards, who was wrongly accused of a crime, and is pitted against Richard Dawson’s diabolical Killian. The film has many things correct that you might think. Even if you take the main aspect of people viewing murder and death for sport, you can see that being popular now. If someone kills themselves on social media, mass viewership tunes in to makes jokes, antagonize, or even participate.

Aside from that aspect, you can see issues of the government using the media for its own benefit. Creating fake news to promote their agenda, using the media to keep the public ignorant of the true fascist regime that governs them.  The film holds up after thirty years and is more relevant than we thought when it debuted in 1987. Many of them from my own perspective seemed far-fetched. Yet, looking at the current landscape, it seems that it is more of a reality than anyone realized.

The Running Man is a great movie to look back on the past year to see what is happening, has happened, or is on the cusp of happening. As we close out this year, we are closing out our season. We will be taking January off and will return in February with all-new episodes for you to enjoy. We hop you have a wonderful new year and we will see you back in 2018.


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