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Steven and Patrick are back for a new season of The Extended Play Movie Podcast. Are you excited? You know we are. The guys begin their latest series in honor of Oscar season. That time of the year when you hear press about movies you probably don’t care about. Steven and Patrick discuss past Best Picture winners from various years. They look at their aspects, who they were up against, and if the films hold up after all these years. We opted not to discuss Crash in this series, because we all know it doesn’t hold up. We kick it off with Argo.

Argo was a film about the lesser known story in the Iran Hostage Crisis. A small group of Americans escaped the embassy and hide out in the Canadian embassy. The United States government knows that if they are caught, things will go down badly. The CIA brings in Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) to come up with a way to bring that same group home, alive. He devises a plan that consists of a Canadian production company wants to film a movie in Iran. He recruits John Chambers (John Goodman) and Lester Siegel (Alan Arkin) to sell this story.

The film has two different dynamics. There is a serious and dark tone with the Americans in Iran. The juxtaposition with the light-hearted comedy of the Hollywood story gives the movie a confusing feel. Patrick believes that the movie feels more like a heist film. The fun part is the putting pieces in place. The tension, which ramps up in the third act, is the pulling off of the caper. Along with cleverly written dialogue by Chris Terrio, and a great ensemble cast, the film is still enjoyable to watch even knowing the end.




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