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As we start a new series, we had to choose something that was near and dear to our hearts. The next series of podcast deal with movies that Patrick and I bonded over in our nearly twenty-year friendship. Of course, it was natural that we begin with the classic action-comedy Tango & Cash. While the film itself does not have “academy award winning” or “academy award nominated” monikers attached to it, it is a fun romp through a cliched 80’s action movie.

The premise is rather easy: two hero cops are set-up by a crime boss and they need to do what they can to clear their names. Oh, and put their crime boss (Jack Palance) behind bars or bury him. It’s a cliched 80’s action movie, so you should know how this ends up. It has countless one-liners, action sequences that make very little sense but the chemistry between Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone is undeniable.

It does ride a little bit on the male machismo of the eighties but makes fun of it in the same breath. Many times, in action movies, which usually started with Die Hard, there was a sense that the male lead believed that they would not survive the movie. This movie doesn’t have that. At all. Thrusted against all the death-defying set pieces, all the two male leads can do is make jokes and wonder if Cash slept with Tango’s sister (Terry Hatcher), very pre-Desperate Housewives.

All the characters in this movie are very one-dimensional and fit the standard cliched character that the film needs. It is not designed to be a gritty, action film in the vien of Lethal Weapon, Die Hard or even Predator. It is designed to be a hilariously fun and enjoyable movie that will kill 90-minutes of your life and you won’t consider it a waste. It is cheesy and that’s what makes it great.

When you watch it, consider the fact that we almost got Patrick Swayze in the Kurt Russell role. However, he turned the project down to be in another movie we will discuss in this series: Road House. So, strap yourself in and go with this enjoyable, fun right and leave logic at the door. You will be glad you did.  Just check out this courtroom scene to see what you will be in for.


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