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Welcome to my Blog. If you have been following my other blogs, The Middle-Aged Geek and the Steven Vargas Blog, you probably noticed two-sides of the same coin. I found out very early on that I was having difficulty writing about things. First, I would have to decide what to write about. Then, I would have to decide which blog it would be posted on and tailor my blog to fit that scheme. After a bit, I figured why can’t I show the complex individual (I know, weird right?) that was me. So, in December, I combined them to produce It’s Not Just Another Blog.

It was originally going to be title Just Another Blog (which I do own the domain for that, so don’t try), but it became clear quickly that I was somehow demeaning myself. I knew there was an irony factor that could be used, but many people nowadays can’t tell the difference between honesty and sarcasm, so why shoot myself in the foot? By adding “it’s not” somehow said this isn’t something you would normally see on your Facebook or Twitter feed.

What will it be about?

Yeah, I will post some light-hearted stuff like the recommendations of five movies to watch for either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. On the flip side of that, I will write about some very personal issues like my fight with depression or that WTF job interview I had back in September. These are all sides of the same coin. For those that don’t understand metaphors, I am said “same coin”.

Going into 2018, I will be dropping a new podcast that is going to sort of reflect the complexity of a human being. It’s Not Just Another Podcast will be coming out on Wednesday. Adam, my co-host from The Lazy Geeks, will be accompanying me on this show. It is a weekly show that will discuss everything from geek culture to politics, and we probably will offend some people. The reason being is that we take the emotion out of it and talk facts.

The Extended Play Movie Podcast will have a home here because I will drop movie reviews, which I did for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. If you are familiar with that series, we normally drop episodes every Wednesday. We will be off for January, but will return in February. During that time, we will drop It’s Not Just Another Podcast in its place until February. Then we will move It’s Not Just Another Podcast to Tuesdays, and Extended Play will move to Thursdays.

Why this name?

This blog, with an open name, was designed to allow me to express what I want to say when I want to say it. Not locking my creativity to a certain genre, or even sub-genre. Titling the blog to an “open to interpretation” then allows me to cover various topics. As individuals, we are not one cookie-cutter persona. We have many facets to our identity. Simply supporting modified gun control doesn’t make you a liberal bleeding heart. Similarly, loving Star Wars doesn’t mean you hate Star Trek.

As you will see through my blog, and podcasts, I have many viewpoints. I, also, believe many people will share them. The myopic viewpoints that are shared online are not the polling of every human being. As you have seen online if you didn’t like Obama, you were deemed a racist regardless of your reason. If you don’t like Trump, you an immigrant-loving liberal.  I believe there is something in the middle.

As we go into 2018, we are the future. Our choices, our reactions, and our identity is being judged by the world. Whether you are a conservative, liberal, or independent, we all have something to say. Even though the anonymity of the internet allows us that troll factor, it does not mean we have to indulge in it.  Our society is a reflection of us. We can do better. There is a middle ground. That is what we are all made of. I hope you join me as I put out logic among the chaos. Because this isn’t just another blog.