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There are many times when the dawn of a year arrives, people take a turn to see where they have been. I call it The New Year Blues. Generally, it is in hopes to see the mistakes made and attempts to prevent them in the coming year. Unfortunately, many of us don’t heed those warnings. Personally, it is easy to see the mistakes made and judge yourself irrationally. Damning yourself into an oblivion because you chose not to hold on a bit longer. Seeing the warning signs, or to even bare the torture just a few months longer. However, it is important to look at the positive things.

Thing may have gotten tighter for irrational decisions. You may have had to become more creative to figure out how to keep the days bright. Although, have you truly done everything you could have? Now, that is not to say that you could have stayed at a hated job longer? No, when you left, did you do everything you could to move into the field you wanted to? Did you sleep the days away in a depression because life hasn’t turned out the way you hoped? Are you trying to make things work? Did you start looking back at the things you loved and may have missed?

It is easy to look at what you don’t have, but it is hard to look at the things you do have. Maybe you have someone helping you out during this tough time. You think that once you get that paycheck, you can pay them back and you can be on your own again. However, the end result shouldn’t be to owe everyone nothing. It should be what can I do during this time to show how much I care. How much all this is appreciated.

One a personal level, there are times that I think what can I do around the house to make things better. There is always something to clean. Maybe take over tasks that the other person always does. Make dinner from time to time. Do things that will allow the person that has helped you more time to relax. So they may not have to deal with so much more at the end of the day. Run errands for them while they are at work.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

It is easy to keep reinforcing that negative mindset of being a burden on their life. It won’t take long for that burden to take its toll on the ones around you. In many instances, you don’t have to get that corporate job that will make you millions. They want to see you being appreciative. Do nice things for them. Help them out. Do something that shows you appreciate them and that you are trying to demonstrate so.

There are times that we put arbitrary time goals on when we need to get things done. That is a recipe for disaster. When you don’t achieve that goal, you will drop into a deeper depression than you did before.  Allow things to work out in time. Keeping these pressures on yourself will ruin your day and any motivation that you may have for that day. Look at that day. Not tomorrow, or next week. Look at today and focus on it. Take life one day at a time.

Lastly, don’t punish yourself. It is true that life happens for a reason. Whether it was self-motivated or externally motivated. All of us can sit there and dissect every moment and think of ways around the obstacle but what good does that do? That will be good when you come around that mountain in the future, but it won’t help you now. If things aren’t working well, then do something to take your mind out of it. Play your favorite music. Watch your favorite movie or television show. Walk to the park. Even aimlessly roaming the mall. Lighten the burden of that day. For tomorrow is another day.

Life is made up of days. Days are made up of hours. Hours are made up of moments. It only takes one moment to turn it into the best day of your life.