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Join our debut episode of It’s Not Just Another Podcast. Join Steven Vargas (Extended Play Movie Podcast, The Lazy Geeks Network) and Adam Riley (The Lazy Geeks Network) as they discuss the news of the week with a unique perspective. They look at the troubles, topics, or social issues that are plaguing the news that week and use logic to discuss them.

It will aim to offend by taking the emotion out of the topics and use facts to discuss them. Also, they will discuss everything from pop culture to politics. They will say what is on their mind and apologies will almost never occur. They request that you have an open mind and the ability to look at topics from a different perspective. As the world is made up of different perspective. Some idealistic to other that are simply moronic.

In their debut episode, they look back at 2017 and blame everyone for the state of the country. They take the partisan aspect out of the argument and note everyone had a hand in delivering the year that we experienced. They, also, look at the Trump Presidency and take out the claim that racists got Trump elected. There is enough blame to go around.

This will be our new weekly podcast and hope you will join us in this discussion. You can send your feedback, thoughts, or potential topics to our mailbag or through our social media outlets. We are here to have differing opinions and we know not everyone says what they think on social media. Help bring logic to chaos.


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