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Steven and Adam are back with their third episode of “It’s Not Just Another Podcast”. This episode is particularly political and socially aware. The guys like the Thailand Prime Minister, who hates the press so much, he would have them talk to a cardboard cut-out rather than endure their questions. That was earlier in the week. After that, things got crazy kind of fast.

The guys get into an issue about racism and social norms. The refute the ideology that minorities cannot be racist. They look into the aspect that races are prejudicial of certain sub-sets of their own race. Regardless of how you look at it, that is racism. Of course, that eventually leads to them discussing Trump and is tonally-deaf comment out immigrants that come here. This country is made up of immigrants. Also, they discuss the false missile alert message and how that went wrong. Our deduction: it had to be someone’s last day.


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