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The series was designed to talk about a lot of different things. However, with the start of 2018, it has simply demonstrated that people in this country are crazy. With all the movements that are going on, it is nearly impossible to have an opposing view or even a slightly different viewpoint. Not to mention, if you try to verbalize that point of view, you are shouted down as a racist, sexist, or simply evil. Dissention in this country was not designed to work on way. That sort of thing is the exact same as the rule they are fighting over.

In an age where information is at your fingertips, it seems that people are more closed off. Entitlement is on the rise. Online petitions were designed to help people that wanted to get issues solved. Yet, “entitled nerds” are dominating those petitions because they didn’t like a movie. A social issue should get results. However, because you didn’t like a movie, you should not be able to get it removed from continuity. This is the sad state of our country. Instead of doing things that mean something, we are wasting out time on fruitless adventures.

That leads us to the explosive belief in conspiracy theories. Filling your personal space with your own thoughts does not allow a person to grow. Become wise, or even being well-rounded. We discuss the idea behind it and some of our favorite ones to discuss. It is a sad episode that looks at our society in general. We are not pleased.


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