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On their fifth episode, things are getting a bit crazier. First, the guys talk about seeing that footage of Tom Cruise breaking his ankle while doing on of his big stunts. Not only that, he handled it like a champ. Regardless of how crazy he is, you have to respect that.

It seems that the world is going to be destroyed again. Using some crazy math, that I am not sure is actual math, figured out that the world will blow up this summer. Don’t make any 4th of July plans.

Their show wouldn’t be complete without some conspiracy theories. Even though this one didn’t come from a blog or podcast. It came from a senator that believes their is a secret organization within the FBI that is designed to bring down Trump. Yeah, this is a real story.

After all that, they discuss the confession of a so-called time traveler that has decided to come clean about her mission. At least, we think that is what she is trying to do. You should check it out. It reads like a bad Facebook post.




Tom Cruise Shows How He Broke His Ankle


The Bullshit Factor:

The World is going to End Again



GOP Believes in Secret FBI Group


Palette Cleanser:

Time Traveler Tells Her Story

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