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The guys are back a day late. The guys talking about songs that have that chorus that everyone has to sing. Like “The 12 Days of Christmas”, “Sweet Caroline”, or “The Humpty Dance.” Think about it. When those songs come on, you have to jump in on the chorus with all your might. That actually moves into their discussion about Best Buy and Target are looking to no longer sell CDs. Is anyone surprised by this? Think about the last time you actually purchased a CD.

Nolan Bushnell’s Pioneer Award was rescinded by the Game Developers Choice Awards due to action he did during his Atari days. The guys discuss that since he, and many others, are being punished for a climate that was completely different from what it is now. He didn’t commit a sex crime or play with underage girls. Is the #MeToo movement kind of pushing too hard for anyone doing something?

Lastly, the guys shut it down with the powerfully wealthy are shutting down news outlets that post unflattering news. Someone is attempting to keep their news online, even if the companies are no longer around. Gawker is going to be the first. Amazing how the wealthy can stymie free speech. Our palette cleanser for this episode is a fun one. It is someone that has nostalgia for video stores. With that passion comes creativity.


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