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There are many things that stir emotions up nowadays. Whether it be the political climate, social justice warriors, or having to live life. This week’s episode of It’s Not Just Another Podcast covers an array of face palm moment. We try to keep things logical and bring attention to items that may have slipped past your Facebook or Twitter feed. We have to admit that this week is a pretty eclectic range of topics.

As Steven mentioned last week, Flat Earthers would have something to say about the launch of the Space X rocket. As you would expect, they claimed the whole issue was faked. One even states that why would people believe what they see and read. Yet, they are doing the same thing. Normal people are living in a science world, while they are believing in their hack science. On the flip-side of that, we have a white supremacist that is running for congress as a Republican in Illinois. He will certainly grasp the GOP nomination, as he is running unopposed.

If that doesn’t bother you enough, Poland is rewriting history. They have made it illegal for people to speak, write, or discuss their part in Nazi atrocities. This is a major issue, as we are guilty of the same thing here. Regardless of our past, we need to remember and use it as a cautionary tale. Eventually, we pull it back as we discuss the 36 conspiracy theories that are going on right now. Some are funny, outlandish, and some may even be plausible. Check it all out on this week’s episode.




Flat-Earthers Don’t Believe in Starman


Bullshit Factor:

White Supremacist May Get GOP Nomination



Poland’s Holocaust Law is a Cautionary Tale


Palette Cleanser:

36 Conspiracy Theories on the Internet


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