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Society, as a whole, has an unusual way of hiding their dark sides. In criminal courts, anyone that committed some heinous crime will find an external reason for their actions. When political affiliations combat their opposing side, they blame the other side for not getting the business of the nation completed. When a country doesn’t like its own past, they will make a law that will abolish anyone who deems to speak the truth. At least, that is how Poland is doing it.

Over the last few weeks, Poland has been working on a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to accuse “the Polish nation” of any sort of complicity in the Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities. In essence, they are simply trying to rewrite one of the most horrific chapters in their country’s history. This has spurred negative reactions from Israel, the United States, and many different religious affiliations.

“Opponents have predicted that the law — which prohibits, among other things, the phrase “Polish death camp” — would stifle free speech and put questions of historical accuracy into the hands of judges and prosecutors who may be more motivated by politics than scholarship,” wrote Marc Santora of the New York Times.

“In Poland, the governing party has tightened its control of the courts and state media in ways that have brought condemnation from the European Union, which has accused it of undermining democracy, and has opened the door to the bloc’s taking punitive action. The new law reflects a broader effort by the government to shape both memories of the country’s past and its vision for the future.”

Why Should We Worry?

Accusations of rewriting history has always gone to the victor. However, in this new age of social justice, it is important that nations and their people remember their history. As the adage goes, “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Here in the United States, we have gone through our own sort of revisionist history. That is remembering the history that we romanticize.

Issues with the Confederate statues and flags. Depending on your region of the country, that would either spark a feeling of hatred at one of this country’s darkest chapters. The other would be pride in your view of how heroic it was for the Confederates to stand up to an oppressive nation.  One side wants to see that culture destroyed because it was a morally reprehensible symbol. Others want it preserved because it would represent a defining moment in our countries formation.

The sad result of these arguments is that both sides are wrong. On a fundamental level. This symbol needs to be preserved. Not for a gallant people that were standing up for their rights. It needs to be a remind of a traitorous group of states that tried to form their own government. It should, also, be set as a remind of how this nation will deal with traitors. Expunging it from out sight will not solve the problem either. It, in fact, has created a new one.

What We May Face?

A new generation of citizens, who were born after political correctness came into being, don’t know the horrors of our past. You have new people joining hate groups on a colossal level because revisionist have taken over. The reason? The political correctness of the mid-nineties wiped away the actual record of what horrible things happened. With that vacuum of information out there, people were able to fill that void with ideological truths. Not historical facts, but what truths they believe were the reason.

Unfortunately, schooling doesn’t allow for recent history to be discussed. During my schooling, studying U.S. history, we never made it past World War II to even get into the turbulent sixties and forget about the Watergate era. Society has poised itself to be the teller of what is right and what is wrong. However, they refuse to explain WHY it was right or wrong. In our effort to make this country great again, we are saying all viewpoints are allowed regardless if they are morally reprehensible. What is happening in Poland is beginning to manifest itself in this country. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue. While many people will reflect this blog on Trump, there are been actions by the Democrats. Whilst they use it under a different name: offensive.

Government representatives care about votes. They have no desire to help you or me. That is why we should be able to see the history as it was.  While the fifties seemed sweet and wholesome, they still had racial issues. The government did many horrible things to the American Indians, as well as steal land from Mexico. While the result of our country is to be admired, it is far from the utopia that many people want you to believe. The country is like Facebook, it only shows you the good parts. Not the dark issues that anyone truly faces.