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When you think of Qualcomm, you automatically think of the chip manufacturer that helped alter your daily life. When you think about that statement for one moment, I dare you to prove me wrong. The company has been making chips that power that little device that you are probably reading this on. For some time, they have been making commercials, but seldom do you seem them on television. For some reason, this one caught my eye. ‘Ignore This’ should not be ignored.

Obviously, the beatbox portion of the commercial has a pretty bomb flow to it. Yet, the Hindi kid that kind of comes out of nowhere and begins to rock to the beat is pretty fly. The commercial was released on their YouTube page back in June, but has been on heavy rotation on CNN for the past couple of weeks. In one hour, they ran the commercial four times. It was during that fourth time that I noticed the text in the commercial.

Why am I remotely even talking about this commercial? Because the beatbox is smoot and the kid is fly AF. Not to mention that the text on the commercial is true, even depressingly true. Mostly, I am referring to the dying alone portion. Let’s be one-hundred percent honest, if it was not for Tinder, we would all die alone.

Qualcomm has been getting into the commercial space for a while, but they mostly do the respectable commercials you would expect from a company of this size. Yet, they drop one or two that fall into the realm of offbeat and humorous. Obviously, this commercial was made with the American or online audience in line. Why? Because it would be the type of commercial some online blogger would actually write about.