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I have always prided myself as a troubleshooter. Normally, I am the guy that fixes people’s issues but there are times when I get into a situation where I am out of my wheel-house. In which case, I contact my two friends for help. Usually, when I run into an issue, it means that I have to run out and purchase the fix. This is never really a problem. At least, until recently.

As my income has become a little more fixed, I have had to make decisions on whether I should upgrade some things or even downgrade some software to accommodate my current situation. In some case, downright leave them alone until I can afford it. For those of you that read my blog (which is anything but geek, more personal), you know that I am in the middle of employment transition.

By employment transition, I mean that I up and quit my last job.

Not flipping a desk quit. Just in a quietly got fed up quit. Packed my desk and walked out the front door.

Anyways, I have some money that will keep me going for a short time while I look for something else. Nevertheless, I have taken a couple of weeks off to get my head right, as well as getting to things that have been neglected since my last job was soul-sucking.

Shortly before that day, I discovered that I had the white light of death for my PlayStation 4. That means that your picture signal is not making it from the console to the television. I searched it out online and some gave me troubleshooting solutions but they all relied on one thing: the picture getting to the television.

The only ones that came close to my issue stated that this would be an HDMI issue and that it may need to be repaired. Which meant money. Some stated that I was looking at $200 fix, if that was even the issue.

That’s right. $200 on a guess. For an extra $60, I could just get a refurbished PS4 or with an extra $100 it would have been more feasible to simply pick up a new PlayStation 4. Not the Pro. Neither do I want to spend the additional $100 or upgrade my television to 4K.

After I raged quit life, I kept looking at the PS4 and something in my mind was telling me to look at something that never came up in my research, nor did I think to check. I had just recently switched my PS4 and connected it to a switch box. See, my television has 3 HDMI ports and two were taken with dedicated equipment. The third one was going to use a switch box to port my PlayStation 3, 4 and my Xbox 360. The primary port was my DirecTV cable box while the other was occupied by my more extensively used Xbox One.

Something in my head kept telling me to look at the switch box. By pass it and connect it directly to the port.

Head: “Hey, Douchebag, why don’t you connect it directly to the TV?”

Me: “But I haven’t used it that much, so I want it to share the switch box.”

Head: “I get that. Before you spend the money on a new one, just check it.”

Me: “But that’s not how I want it set up.”

Head: “Listen, fuck-nut! Just check it to see.”

My head is very rude to me sometimes. So, after a few rounds, I decided to check it out. Viola! It worked when connected directly to the port. Then I decided that I should connect the DirecTV box, PS3 and Xbox 360 to the main HDMI port. Dedicated port 2 and port 3 to my Xbox One and PS4 respectively.

The benefit of the switch box I have is it detects the signal and automatically switches to the new device. I know that made no sense but here is an example. It’s a cheap switch from Amazon and it cost me $7. Say I have the DirecTV box on, watching something on Discovery ID, then I want to jump onto the PS3 to play some remastered Kingdom Hearts. All I do is turn on the PS3 and the signal from the PS3 comes onto the TV screen. When I am done, I turn off the console and the TV signal returns. Automatically.

It does it all for me. Nothing for me to do. Lazy ass. The way I like it.

Afterwards, I looked up issues with switch boxes and the PS4. Of course, I found some issues. Not exactly the same issue but I found some nonetheless. Thanks for failing me when I needed you most internet.

So, in the end, I managed to save myself an extra $300 with a simple fix. Many times, we have that inside voice, in my case a very rude one that is gloating like a madman right now, which may have something. With the console reconnected, I can play some of the video games that have been piling up on my shelf. Now, the biggest questions of all, which do I play first: Uncharted 4 or The Division?