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That Movie Idea That Won’t Go Away

When you have that script idea that won’t go away. You end up having to work on it. …

5 Recommended New Year’s Eve Viewing

Five viewing suggestions for various film genres to view on New Year’s Eve….

Being A Geek While Adulting Sucks

The difficulty of being a geek while adulting isn’t about time, it’s about guilt….

The Extended Play Movie Podcast #11: The Rock

This week’s episode discusses the action classic, The Rock….

The Extended Play Movie Podcast #8: Terminator 2 – Judgement Day

The guys complete their sequels that improved on the original with Terminator 2: Judgement Day….

Who Talks Like That?

When I decide to write a screenplay, or want to be inspired, I tend to watch movies and television shows that have some great writing. Regardless of the genre I’m writing, I watch a variety of genres, mostly because I am trying to find the voice of what I wish to write. Some of my…

The Extended Play Movie Podcast #4: Casino

Steven and Patrick round out their Robert De Niro month with Casino….

The Extended Play Movie Podcast #2: Heat

We march forward to discuss the best cat-and-mouse film, Heat. Pacino and DeNiro in their prime – what’s not to love. …