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I will not give that order! That is usually the line that comes to mind when you mention The Rock. Yes, this week The Extended Play Movie Podcast will be discussing The Rock. The 1996 movie that ushered in Nicolas Cage as an action hero with help of James Bond. Supported by a villain that was not necessarily a true villain. Not to mention, a powerful Hans Zimmer score and the least Michael Bay movie ever. This movie is required viewing when discussing awesome action movies on the nineties. Hell, if you talk about amazing action movies of all-time, this has to, at least, be on the list.

Lastly, if you need any reason to watch The Rock again, we are giving it to you. Not that anyone needs a reason to rewatch this movie. Join us in reviewing this classic action movie that ushered in the new age of action movies. However, this is one of the last R-rated action movies.



“Secrets of the Schoolyard” – Kevin MacLeod (

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