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It is nearly impossible to discuss Alien 3 without discussing the behind-the-scenes drama that occurred in this film. To this day, David Fincher disowns this film. He cites studio interference and restrictions placed on him by the producers. When it was released in 1992, it was considered the weakest of the franchise thus far. Obviously, Alien Resurrection and the subsequent Prometheus films were not released at that time.

The film itself is not as bad as I recall. There is actually a slight appreciation for the film. This is the beginning of Fincher’s film career, so there are no trademark Fincher motifs. Most notably, there are no blue or yellow hues, subjective angles or his heavy use of shadows. However, you can see some of his form beginning to take shape.

The film does not improve in the pantheon of Alien films. However, it does not rank lower than any of the recent Alien entries in the franchise. However, it is a smaller and darker film than the bombastic Aliens, but more of a throwback to the original. The film does require a recent viewing and you may have a slightly better response to it. If anything, it will remain third in the series, in terms of quality.



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