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There is no way we could’ve done a series like this without discussing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Looking back on the series, this was the movie we dreaded rewatching the most. However, after reviewing it, this is NOT the worst of the series. When I say worst of the series, I am referring to our series here on The Extended Play Movie Podcast.

A couple of things to point out, the movie actually is a decent movie for the first half. You can literally mark the moment the movie goes off the rails. There are some online that would have you believe that it is an underrated gem. It is not. Especially if you grew up during the time when these films were great fun in the theater. Although, most of the hate for this movie stemmed from being a letdown. Gone was the mysticism and the Nazis. Nothing having to deal with biblical artifacts.

The older Indiana Jones didn’t bother me. Neither did Shia. The character was more of a two-dimensional plot device to drive the mid-point into a family adventure than for archeology. The film manages to be an interesting film until they are captured by the Soviets in the Amazon. Sadly, once Marion was introduced into the film, it went down hill from there. Don’t even start with the aliens. The film turned from something that was interesting into a cringe-worthy mess. They feel the need to do a sequel, which is disappointing.

Keep in mind, at this point, Planet of the Apes has placed itself as the real low-point of the series. See if you agree with us.



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