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Christmas is getting closer and we are down to our second Christmas viewing episode, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The third installment of the Vacation franchise take Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) home for the holidays. More like his home for the holidays and dealing with his extended family for a “good ol’ family Christmas.”

This is considered a modern Christmas classic and considered the second-best Vacation movie of the franchise, next to the original. Many reasons this movie is revered by the populace at large is the relatability of Clark’s experience at Christmas. To most people, they try to make their holiday the most memorable or perfect holiday in history. Unfortunately, that is never the case and always ends in defeat and disappointment.

Christmas Vacation does not break any new ground in cinematography or screenwriting. It is a run of the mill slapstick comedy that focuses on Chevy Chase’s physical prowess for the laughter. Chase is given many of the hilarious throwaway lines of insults, but it’s the passion that is conveyed. His passion to deliver to his family the holidays he feels they deserve is the true focus of the movie.

In the end, Christmas Vacation is the perfect holiday movie that doesn’t convey the true meaning of Christmas. It conveys more of the realism of the holiday season. It is not how things work out during this crazy time of year, but more of the people around you. That is what makes this movie a modern classic.

Join us next week for our final holiday installment for Christmas, Die Hard. The true movie of the holiday season.


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